New York City schools reopen with a bang

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York’s schools reopened on Tuesday after more than a week of closures due to a coronavirus outbreak, but teachers were told to stay home and families were urged to stay at home, as parents were told of the possibility of a return to work on […]

Why the New York School Uniform is so Important

School uniforms have long been associated with the New England school experience, but as students have moved away to other states, their impact on students’ experience has diminished.Now, with the school year rapidly approaching, the uniform is back on the market, and the New Yorkers are asking the school supply […]

Schools Superintendent Desoto County Schools Is ‘Absolutely’ Ready to Reopen Source Bloomberg title Desoto-area schools superintendent resigned from position in wake of shooting

SANTA FE, N.M. — Schools Superintendent Desota County Schools is “absolutely” ready to reopen after being closed for nearly three months, a spokeswoman said Friday.The district reopened in March after months of closures due to a massive coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 1,500 people and sickened more than […]

Florida virtual school: ‘We are here to help kids’

The Florida Virtual School of Education (FVSE) announced it will be providing new education and physical therapy school supplies to students from across the state.The school’s website says the new products will be used by students from schools in the Orange, Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, West Palm Beach and […]