How to create a monster school for your child

By default, you’ll get a basic school, which is usually a school that is very similar to the standard public school.The difference between these types of schools is that they have an “advanced” component, like a gym or swimming pool.However, there are many ways to create monster schools that are […]

How to find a perfect school for your kids

The school search engine Monster School wants to give you a few ideas about what to look for in a school for kids.Read moreRead MoreIt’s a bit more than just the number of students per class.The site also has an online portal where you can learn about what schools in […]

Trump’s “old school” cars are back!

President Trump’s new “old-school” cars, which he launched in December, are back on display in Lincoln High School.Trump’s administration announced earlier this month that the school would receive the first “modern, high-performance” model in 2020.The school’s students are also receiving a new “new school” car that is built with a […]

Monster school desk: The worst thing in the world

A monster school desk.That’s what the kids are getting to work with this school year.But what’s worse is that the desk is actually a monster.In a story by The Wall St. Journal, the parents of a middle school in Sarasota County, Florida, say the desk has been responsible for more […]

A teacher is suing her employer for alleged racism after a racist Facebook comment from her supervisor, who had previously told her that “black people werent good enough.”

Texas is the sixth state to file a lawsuit against a school district over a racist post that was published by an administrator and was shared on the school’s Facebook page.The district says the post was written by a teacher and was posted by her supervisor who had earlier told […]