How to Get Over Your Fear of School Daze

A new school documentary called School Dazed may be the ultimate lesson in the art of not freaking out.┬áThe documentary is a collection of interviews with people who have gone through the same trauma as Daze.The doc is produced by the makers of the documentary The End of School and […]

When is the next LSU high school graduation?

By Jessica GartlandPosted May 07, 2019 12:42:23The high school students of Madison High School in Monroe, Louisiana, are graduating from high school this year.The school had its high school graduations this year in 2019, 2020 and 2021.This year, the graduating seniors have been asked to fill out a questionnaire that […]

Ohio school board votes to reopen charter schools

A suburban Cincinnati school board on Tuesday voted unanimously to reopen some of its charter schools, the latest effort by some Ohio districts to ease overcrowding that has forced parents and schools to shutter amid soaring costs and soaring student absences.The Ohio Board of Education voted to open some of […]

A backpack for school backpacker

A backpack is the perfect way to get your kids ready for school.But with many parents saying they don’t have the space or money to purchase a backpack, it seems there’s a new trend for kids to buy one.But if you don’t live in the area, it’s probably not a […]

How to find a perfect school for your kids

The school search engine Monster School wants to give you a few ideas about what to look for in a school for kids.Read moreRead MoreIt’s a bit more than just the number of students per class.The site also has an online portal where you can learn about what schools in […]