When schools will have female teachers

A school district in Manhattan is planning to hire a female teacher at its school in Broward County, a Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesman confirmed.The plan is the latest example of a trend that is happening in the United States as the country tries to attract more women to teach in […]

Primrose High School’s new calendar turns 25

By Julia Stoecker, ABC NewsPublished December 09, 2017, 2:55pmFlorida Central High School is turning 25 years old this week and will celebrate with a new calendar.The school has chosen to celebrate with “The Celebration,” a calendar featuring a special school year-round event that will celebrate students from all ages.The celebration, […]

How to teach girls to hate boys

Parents of teenage girls are calling on the education system to address the widespread social and sexual abuse of boys in schools.In a petition to the NSW Government, the NSW Parents’ Council said the problem was far too often hidden behind the veil of “gender equity”.The NSW PCC said parents […]

Monster school desk: The worst thing in the world

A monster school desk.That’s what the kids are getting to work with this school year.But what’s worse is that the desk is actually a monster.In a story by The Wall St. Journal, the parents of a middle school in Sarasota County, Florida, say the desk has been responsible for more […]