The first teacher who invented school in the US

The story of the first teacher to introduce school in America is a story of two schools, both based in Rutherford County, New Jersey.One was founded in 1848 by Joseph Thomas Rutherford and opened in 1852 by a former student, Thomas G. G. Rutherford.The other was founded by Charles C. […]

When schools closed, the teachers were left behind

Tulsa Public Schools closed down on Tuesday, after nearly a year of shutdowns that have left some teachers without jobs.The closure came as a huge blow to Charlotte Mecklenberg schools, which had faced financial difficulties and had received thousands of applications from parents for new teachers, but also a growing […]

How to get back to school this fall in New York State

Posted September 23, 2018 11:33:48After nearly two years of declining enrollment, a new study shows that New York state’s public schools are on track to return to their pre-recession levels this fall.According to the report, which was released by the New York Public Library, which serves a large portion of […]

Japan school uniforms get a makeover

Japan is getting a make-over, and the nation’s uniforms are getting a face lift.According to the Wall Street Journal, the Japanese government is taking the opportunity to redesign the country’s uniform code to accommodate the new style of dress.In recent years, Japan has been facing a spate of bullying and […]