How to get a catholic university degree

Students are learning how to get an undergraduate degree at a catholics first college, a school founded in 1848 to help the growing number of people seeking a catholate education.The university in Dublin was named after the founding of the order of monks, who believed that by learning the Catholic […]

Ohio school board votes to reopen charter schools

A suburban Cincinnati school board on Tuesday voted unanimously to reopen some of its charter schools, the latest effort by some Ohio districts to ease overcrowding that has forced parents and schools to shutter amid soaring costs and soaring student absences.The Ohio Board of Education voted to open some of […]

When Montessori School Did It – A History

The Montessorio is a school that developed during the 20th century, and was originally designed for children between the ages of 5 and 9.The school was originally known as Montessoria Academy.According to the Montessorian Association of America, Montessoris are a group of teachers who believe that education should be taught […]