Florida virtual school: 10-year discount, $5,000 in scholarships and 10-month tuition

A virtual school in Miami’s North Beach district has opened a 10-years-free scholarship for students who are interested in attending a public high school in the city.

The program, which offers tuition and other benefits, is called Florida Virtual School, or FVS.

The school’s website says the program is open to students who attend a public school in Fort Lauderdale or Lakewood.

“If you want to attend a high school or private school that is a part of our program, you need to apply,” said Jennifer Dominguez, an FVS coordinator.

She said she has been inundated with applications and offers from students interested in the school and has had to make adjustments to the application.

Dominguez said the school has had a hard time finding teachers, who are able to take advantage of the 10-to-15-year tuition discount.

Students can apply to the program for as little as $5 per month, but can pay more than $100 a month for tuition, board, supplies and equipment.

They can pay up to $100 for a full-time job and $60 for part-time work.

The FVS website says students can enroll at any of the school’s locations.

For example, the school in Lakewood is located in Westwood.

Students must live in Fort Walton Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, Hillsborough or Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

The location must be in the Fort Lauderdale area.

If the student attends an online program, they will have access to a computer, a network connection and an instructor.

They must also meet the school standards.FVS will also offer a program called the Florida Virtual Scholarship Program, which has the same tuition discount and is available to students at private, nonprofit schools, but not public schools.FPSC is the umbrella organization for more than 40 virtual schools in Florida.

The Fort Lauderdale-based FVS was the first to offer the program, according to its website.

Fernandez, who said she is excited about the program and is looking forward to starting classes, said she hopes the school will become a popular option.