How to Get Over Your Fear of School Daze

A new school documentary called School Dazed may be the ultimate lesson in the art of not freaking out. 

The documentary is a collection of interviews with people who have gone through the same trauma as Daze.

The doc is produced by the makers of the documentary The End of School and features the voices of two of the Daze students, Jodi and Emily.

The documentary is currently in the making and it’s currently looking to raise £2,000. 

“We felt that this documentary would be a really good way to really bring Daze’s story to the wider public,” said Daze co-founder Barry Dantz.

“We’ve been working with a lot of experts, and a lot more students, on the documentary and it was really inspiring for us to be able to have those voices on board.” 

The new film will air on BBC One and BBC Two in the UK from April 5. 

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