Facing school closures amid the opioid epidemic


— A group of parents and educators have organized an initiative to help students across the Chesapeake Public Schools to prepare for and recover from the opioid crisis.

The coalition, called Chesapeake Promise, aims to give students a chance to prepare to recover, and they are asking schools across the state to participate.

The initiative will be led by the Cheserve Promise Academy in Virginia and includes a number of school districts.

The alliance includes: Chatham County, the District of Columbia, the Prince William County, Prince George’s County, and Prince William and St. Joseph Counties.

The goal is to help prepare students to navigate the opioid withdrawal, which is expected to hit school systems across the country.

The state is expected have over 200,000 new opiate users by the end of this year.

It will be the first time the coalition has teamed up with a school district.

The first wave of opioid use was so severe in Virginia that schools were closed and schools were evacuated for weeks, the coalition said.

In the past, the Cheschemees Promise Academy has been involved in other initiatives, including a drug education and outreach program for students in the Baltimore Public Schools.

The academy is also part of the Chatham Area Drug Education Partnership.

The opioid crisis has left many schools, including the Cheshire, D.C., school system, in crisis.

The coalition is working to help school districts across the nation prepare to respond to the opioid emergency. 

The coalition will work with the Chesham Promise Academy to create a plan for students to use safe and effective drugs in their recovery.

The plan will help schools understand how to transition students into recovery, identify and identify students who need support, and assist in developing safe, reliable, and effective treatment options.

It will help parents and students work together to get the resources they need to support their students.

The Chesapeake Community Health Alliance has partnered with the Greater Chesapeake Association of Schools to launch a program to assist students, staff, and staff members.

The Chesham Alliance is the first community-based organization to launch this program.

In Virginia, the alliance is planning to work with schools and community leaders to support students through a recovery period and to create awareness about the opioid issue.

The alliance will be looking for schools and schools to participate, as well as other stakeholders, such as teachers, students, parents, and other community members, to work on this initiative.

There are a number plans for this effort.

The coalition is looking to find ways to create safe spaces for students, families, and educators, to provide resources for students who are struggling to get through the crisis, and to provide additional support to families during recovery. 

Other schools are also in the pipeline.

Schools in the Virginia Beach and Newport News districts are preparing to host the first ever Chesapeake Prep for Opioids in November.