What to know about the best public schools in Texas

Posted April 19, 2019 12:04:50 The state’s top law schools are ranked by the U.S. News and World Report, and Texas is home to the nation’s top four public high schools.

The top four law schools in the Lone Star State are: U. of Texas, Austin, University of Texas at Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Austin ranked No. 1, while UT Austin, the state’s flagship university, came in No. 3.

The other two top law school schools in America are Stanford and Harvard, and they both are in the top four.

The University of California, Berkeley, also ranked No, 4.

The five top law universities in the United States are: Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, University at Albany, and University of Pennsylvania.

Each of those schools is located in California.

The next five law schools to be ranked in the U-S.

News.com rankings are: University of Utah, Arizona State University, Duke University, University Of Notre Dame, and Georgetown University.

The six law schools with the most students are: Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern University, Yale University, and the University of Virginia.

Texas has one of the most diverse populations in the country.

According to the census, Texas has more than 14 million people.

About one-quarter of the state is made up of Latinos, and Hispanics make up about 8 percent of the population.