University of Georgia football coach says school is in ‘state of shock’ after student body dies

Georgia’s most-hated institution in the nation is in shock after a freshman student died in a freshman football game.

Georgia State University is in the middle of a week-long mourning period following the death of a student who died Saturday, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Georgia state police said a 20-year-old male died from injuries sustained in the game between Georgia State and Georgia Tech, and that he had been treated and released.

A motive for the incident has not been determined.

The incident comes as schools across the country are mourning the death and mourning the life of an all-American athlete.

The death of freshman Michael Moore at the Georgia Tech game on Saturday is the second death at the school this season.

Moore was one of six players who became known for his leadership during a tumultuous and controversial season at the university.

Moore, a junior who played in the 2017 BCS National Championship Game, became a leader on the team and helped lead Georgia Tech to the 2017 College Football Playoff national title.

Moore was honored at the Cotton Bowl.

“Michael Moore is one of my favorite people, and it was a shock to the core,” Georgia Tech coach Kirby Smart said in a statement Saturday.

“The Georgia Tech community is in a state of shock, and we are still reeling from the news.”

Moore’s death has sparked protests on social media, with some fans and others calling for the school to fire Moore.

Tech tweeted that Moore was a member of the school’s leadership team, but did not comment on his death.

“While we are saddened by this tragic news, we remain committed to creating a campus that values the dignity of every person, regardless of their background or their race,” the school said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Moore’s family.”

Students have rallied in the days since Moore’s death to protest the school.

A number of groups and individuals have posted signs in support of Moore’s memory, with one student posting a photo of himself with a black man and an American flag in front of the Georgia State Capitol building.

“We want justice,” wrote Tyler Fossey, a freshman.

“I feel that justice should be served for Michael Moore.”