‘This Is Our School’: A Student’s Story

A 13-year-old high school senior was inspired to start a petition to reopen Columbia Law School in the wake of its closure.

The petition on Change.org has already garnered more than 500 signatures from students and alumni, and was launched after the school announced that it was closing for good in August 2019.

The school had been operating under the name Columbia Law for nearly half a century.

Students from Columbia Law’s flagship school are urging the school to reopen, in part because of its commitment to the civil rights movement, but also to provide opportunities for students and their families to return to their homes.

The petition has since been signed by more than 300 students and is being circulated around the country.

“Columbia Law is not the place for me to be,” said 14-year old Nada Shavar, who was born in the city.

“We all have to learn to be better people.

And to live without the oppression that I have endured.”

The petition was launched to help the school reopen.

Shavard said she’s been feeling a sense of closure ever since she left the school.

“I have been feeling really alone, and not really welcomed by the community,” she said.

“I was always scared of what would happen to me or my friends, and I was always worried about the school closing.”

Shavard is not alone.

About 1,300 students and staff have signed on to the petition, with some citing Columbia Law as a key influence on their decision to leave.

Columbia Law is one of four law schools in the United States that has closed its doors since the start of the civil war.

But the school is not just closing down, it’s also reopening.

The school announced last week that it would be reopening in 2019.

“We are excited about the possibility that Columbia Law could return to its former glory and reopen,” the school said in a statement.

“As a law school, we have a long history of working with students and families to address injustices, and the opportunity to work with students is an important part of that.

We are proud of our history, our commitment to justice, and our commitment as an institution to be inclusive and welcoming of all students, regardless of race, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.”

The school said the reopening will not be a complete reopening of the school, but instead will include students returning to their campuses.

The reopening would not require any major changes, but the school will still be able to offer courses and provide classes to students who have yet to complete their degrees.

The reopening comes amid a national push to re-open schools.

In the wake, more than a dozen states have proposed legislation that would allow for students to return home to resume their studies.

The legislation has come under intense scrutiny, as students have said they are afraid to return after being incarcerated or expelled.

Some have said the bills would allow students to stay in school, and others have said that students who return would be forced to reenter the criminal justice system.

The schools reopening petition comes after the closure of several other schools across the country, including the University of Michigan, the University at Buffalo, and North Carolina State University.