Paul’s School to reopen after PA announcement

PAUL’S SCHOOL will be open again after the PA announced plans to restore it to full operation following the coronavirus pandemic.

The PA Education Department said today it would allow pupils at Paul’s High School, St Paul’s Primary School, George Washington Middle School, and the New York City schools to return to class for the first time since November.

The new plan will allow them to return at the end of the month.

In the first weeks of November, all of the PA schools were operating under a “critical” state of emergency, meaning they were being closed because of the coronave.

But the PA said the PA Health Ministry had been unable to provide adequate staff and equipment for the schools and the PA would be providing additional funding to purchase new equipment and teachers.PA education secretary David O’Neill said the move was a long-awaited response to the pandemic, adding that the PA will “always have a special place in the hearts of our parents and children”.

“We can be confident that the Paul’s staff will have the support and support they need to do their job as they were meant to do, to teach and serve our children and our country,” he said.

“This will be a major relief for parents and students, and will mean that Paul’s will reopen in full on the first of December.”

Paul’s School will be the first PA school to reopen since the pandemics began.

The PA has had more than 30,000 pupils who were not able to return from the coronaves, leaving them without a regular education.

PA officials say that the pandepics have forced parents and school staff to rethink their educational plans and put their children on extended school leave.

The schools are due to reopen on December 3.