How to identify a teacher who may have plagiarized a story

A teacher who plagiarized from a student article Posted by Laura Mascaro on Tuesday, September 10, 2018 12:22:26 A teacher in Florida who has been accused of using student-written essays for his work on campus has admitted he did so.

“I did use the work and I did it to show that I had the right skills,” teacher William Hester told a local news station, WPBF reported.

“And that was a very bad idea.”

The teacher was identified in an article from the Palm Beach Post that claimed the teacher plagiarized an essay from a former student.

Hester was accused of “plagiarizing” from a 2007 student essay he had written for the school’s English class.

The student wrote that he was in college and asked the teacher to help him write a student essay about the day he was assaulted.

The teacher responded by quoting the student’s essay.

When the student complained, the teacher allegedly said, “I’m not gonna have it.”

Hester eventually admitted to using the student essay as part of a class project.

The Palm Beach County School Board was contacted about the story, WPBBF reported, and the school district said that it had no comment.

The Post reported that the Palm Bay Police Department said it had been notified of the allegations and that they were “actively looking into the matter.”

The Florida Teacher Certification Commission, which oversees teachers in the state, is currently investigating Hester’s allegations.