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Two things to know about the Barber School of Barbering in Dearborn, Michigan.


They don’t have to have a license.

The Barber School has been around for more than 40 years, but it’s only in the last 10 years that it has become a destination for those seeking to hone their skills.

It’s also a place where students learn the craft of barbering in a safe, professional environment.


They pay you what you earn.

In contrast to other schools that specialize in high-school graduation, the Barber school offers a competitive salary.

Students earn about $25,000 per year, which includes tuition, books, and a stipend for living expenses.


They have plenty of options.

Many Barber School students are eligible for scholarships, including those who live in rural areas, who might not have access to the same opportunities available at larger public schools.

They also are eligible to apply for grants from the Michigan Department of Education, which are available to low-income students.

There’s also an annual merit-based scholarship program that helps students apply to college.


They’re an easy place to learn.

While Barber school students are expected to take on a broad range of learning, the school does not require a high school diploma to participate in classes.

And there are no extracurricular activities.


They do good work.

Barber School is known for its passion for the craft, including its tradition of “dance,” which was first performed in the late 1890s.

The school also is home to the Barber Institute, which offers classes on the fundamentals of barbershop training and performance.

Barber students have a variety of interests, including photography, photography and film, music, and the arts.

They are also known for their enthusiasm for sports, especially baseball.

The School also has a theater department and a dance program.

They’ve got a great student body, and they are an easy target for anyone who wants to learn the art of barbing.

Visit the Barber schools website for more information about the school, or call 313-876-7115.

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