Electrician school dance: Middletown high school dances in its electrician costume

A high school in Minnesota is getting in on the fun by teaching a dance class to its electricians.

Middleton High School has invited the class of 2014 to participate in its first electrician class, dubbed Electricians of Middleston.

The school says the class is intended to teach people about the art of performing an electrician’s work and the profession.

Middlestone is located in the Milwaukee suburbs.

“The purpose of the dance class is to allow the students to learn about their profession and the unique skills they have that are needed in the workplace,” Middlneston High School Principal Robert Middler told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A student in the class, Jacob Dorsett, was born and raised in Milwaukee and has a passion for music and music education.

He’s in the midst of completing a degree in music education, and has been performing in music productions and other musical events.

“I want the school to know that I’m interested in what they’re doing,” Dorset said.

This class is not for everyone, he added.

“We want to give our students the best chance of success and I want them to feel proud of their profession.

I want to help them see it as a good profession,” Midler said.