Chesapeake public school grades well in new test

Chesapeake Public Schools has released its third and fourth-grade reading and math tests, according to a press release.

The results are below.

The third and 4th grades were administered on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the 5th grade was administered on Friday.

The district said that its students scored well on both tests.

“The results of the 3rd and 4rd grades indicate that our students are doing well in their reading and mathematics skills, and the 4th grade demonstrates that we have continued to make strides in our goal of making Chesapeake a safer place for all students,” the release said.

Chesapeake’s students also scored well in math and science, which the district says “shows that we continue to invest in the learning of our students and our staff.”

The district’s 4th and 5th grades are due to be administered on April 16, and its 6th and 7th grades will be released on April 20.

The news comes as a huge boost to the district’s grades.

In 2013, the school board passed a plan that required students to read and write their test scores before they could graduate.

It was supposed to help improve the school’s finances.

But the plan was blocked by the state legislature.

Last year, the state Supreme Court ruled that the state had no obligation to pay Chesapeake for the school district’s books, which had already been donated by other school districts and schools.

In 2016, the court ruled that all schools had a legal obligation to make money off of school textbooks, which is a part of the contract that schools enter into with the state.

Chesanons school district did not respond to Ars’ request for comment.

The Chesapeake High School’s scores for the 3 and 4 grades are below, but the scores for grades 5 and 6 are included.

The grades have been reworked to reflect the updated tests.

Chesanon schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Korn says the district is working with local organizations to improve the students’ test scores.

“I think it’s a great first step,” Korn said.

“It is also an important first step, because as a parent, it is my responsibility to ensure that every student has access to a quality education.”