When the high school’s real estate school turns to virtual reality

In May, Milton High School, in Franklin, Indiana, announced a virtual reality experience.

The school has been working with a tech company to deliver a virtual education.

The new experience is called “The Franklin VR Experience,” and is designed for the virtual education of high school seniors.

The team behind the virtual reality app will be based at the Franklin County School of Arts and Sciences.

The virtual reality education will include the “storytellers,” a team of teachers, who will help students understand the “stories” of the Franklin High School history and culture.

The students will be asked to write their own story, using the app’s “story” system, as they explore the Franklin history and place.

The app will also be used for classroom instruction.

The experience will be available on Apple TV and Windows 10 PCs, which will cost $3.99 per month.

The program will be funded by a $2 million gift from the Franklin county government.

The Franklin VR Foundation says it has raised $2.5 million so far.

Its CEO, Ben Hulme, said the goal of the virtual school experience is to “build a community that will help our students learn more, and better understand their world.”

Hulmes vision for virtual education for high school students is “to make our classrooms the most meaningful learning environments possible.”

The school will have an online component, and there will be a “virtual classroom” that will be used to teach the school’s “historical facts” and “cultural heritage.”

The virtual classroom will be designed to allow students to “create, design, build and teach virtual worlds.”

The project will also include a “real-world story” that students will “write” about and share with their peers.

Hulms team is currently working on a virtual version of “A Tale of Two Cities,” the “The Good Dinosaur” film, and is working with Pixar to make a VR educational video for the company’s Toy Story series.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with a global leader in the virtual learning space,” said Justin Brown, president of the education and technology research firm NPD Group.

“It’s the next step in making virtual learning accessible and accessible to a wider audience.”