‘Teacher who sexually harassed teacher in prison should be held accountable’: ACLU

SEATTLE — The ACLU of Washington filed a federal lawsuit against a Seattle teacher who allegedly sexually harassed a female student at her high school and sent her to prison.

The suit, filed Wednesday, says the teacher should not have been allowed to teach at the Seattle public schools after the teacher allegedly sent a picture of the student to a prison inmate.

The lawsuit also says the district should have revoked the teacher’s teaching license in 2014 and that she should have been fired.

The suit is a response to a lawsuit filed by a student who said she was harassed by the teacher while she was incarcerated.

According to the lawsuit, the teacher also allegedly sent the student nude photos of herself in her cell and texted her a link to them.

The student said she did not immediately return those photos, but later received nude photos from the teacher and a second inmate.

The lawsuit says the girl has been in custody since 2014 for her alleged sexual harassment.

The school district has since announced it will be removing the teacher from the classroom.