How to teach the basics of kindergarten in southwest Texas

A mother and her young son are facing an uncertain future after their elementary school in the small southern town of Guadalupe County refused to let them take their children to a kindergarten class on Thursday because the parents could not afford it.

The Guadalupas Elementary School District issued a statement saying it was “reviewing” the case, but said the school would be open for kindergarten classes “at no cost” to the parents.

The district did not immediately respond to a request for additional information about the incident.

Guadalupe ISD spokeswoman Kelli Burdett said the district did a “complete 180” on Thursday and would allow parents to enroll their children in kindergarten classes.

She said the decision was made because Guadaluppas ISD did not have enough space for kindergarten classrooms.

The district said it was not responsible for any missed or missed-class fees because the school was already operating.

Burdet said the county’s high school had no space for kindergartens, which are usually located in the school building.

In a letter sent to parents, Guadaluphas ISd said it had been in contact with the parents and was working to find space for them to enroll in the kindergarten classes as well as other classes.

“Unfortunately, the district was unable to find a space in our existing elementary school that could accommodate the full enrollment of our kindergartners and their families,” the letter said.

“The district is currently working to make additional accommodations for all our students.

Please continue to call the school for updates as the district works to accommodate the needs of our students.”

In a phone interview, Burdette said that the district would be offering the same number as before for parents to register their children.

The phone number for the Guadalups ISD school was not immediately available.

The school district said Guadaluco Elementary School was the only school that offered kindergarten classes this school year.

It said that it had not received a complaint about the kindergarten class.

Guadelupe ISDS spokeswoman Kiki Schumacher said in a phone call that parents can register their child for kindergarten at any of its schools and schools will be open at no cost to parents.

“We’re just trying to figure out how to do that without putting all our eggs in one basket, which is what we’re doing,” she said.