How to talk to parents about your college plans

Spokane Public Schools is a top candidate for schools that have the highest proportion of first-time students in the country.

But there’s a catch.

The schools in the Top 100 ranked below are all in the state of Washington.

If you want to enroll your child in one of the schools on the list, you’ll need to do your homework.

And this week, you may need to be a little more specific.

Here’s a list of some of the top private, public and charter schools in Washington, where you might want to speak with your parents.

This is a condensed version of an article originally published in the October 15, 2018 issue of Mashable.

It is reprinted here with permission.

To enroll your student in a school, you need to fill out a form.

The form will ask you a few questions, including whether your child is enrolled at the public or charter schools, the number of credits that they have, their SAT scores, whether they have high school diplomas, their grade point averages and whether they attend a public school.

After you fill out the form, you’re taken to a page where you’ll be able to review the school’s website, complete an application form and send it to a person you can contact to get an in-person interview.

This is when the interview begins.

It’s also where parents can tell the school they’re interested in having their child enroll in.

But when you’re waiting for an interview to start, your questions may be pretty specific.

Here’s a look at what you should be asking your child about and how they should respond:How many credits are they currently enrolled in?

The number of credit hours that they’ve completed.

The number of students they’ve enrolled at a public or a charter school.

What is their GPA?

What is the average SAT score?

What are their GPA, SAT and ACT scores?

What do they know about the school?

What grade is their highest?

What kind of test are they taking?

What specific language is their mother speaks?

What does their family income be?

What type of job do they have?

What kinds of job offers are available?

What’s the cost of tuition?

What resources do they need to take advantage of?

How many students do they currently have?

The total number of first-, second-, and third-year students at the school, and the number enrolled in the program.

What kind (or percentage) of students are they enrolling from?

The percentage of students that they’re enrolling as first-, or second- or third-years.

What are they receiving in student aid?

How much does it cost to attend the school in tuition, fees, room and board, books, and other fees?

How can I find out if the school is affordable?

What if I can’t afford to attend?

How do I get more information about the schools?

If I don’t know which school I want to go to, here are some suggestions to help you choose one.

If you don’t already have a college application on file, check out our College Guide to help figure out what’s available.