A school of Athens to host World Cup finals

Athens, Greece — The Olympic games will be held at the school of Athens, the city where Athens hosted the 1936 Olympics.

The Olympic Games are a two-day event with the Games lasting from Aug. 12 to Aug. 14.

It will be the first time that the city will host a World Cup game, according to a statement issued by the Athens City Hall.

The announcement was made Wednesday, the day before the games open in Athens.

The school has hosted other sports such as basketball, soccer, wrestling and ice hockey.

The Games will take place in the Olympic Park, which is located on the Greek capital’s central waterfront.

The city’s Mayor Yiannis Stavros said the announcement came as a “glorious day for the city.”

The games will begin in less than two months, the statement said.

The new sports stadium will house both the Athens Olympic Games and the Greek national team.

The Greek government said in August that the stadium will hold the national team for the first three games, which will be in the capital.