Why the U.S. schools are still a mess

The first day of school in Huntsville, Alabama, is a great day for students and teachers.

But this school year has seen some pretty major problems.

The city is still dealing with a teacher shortage, and some schools have had some students with special needs and others with limited resources.

Some schools are being closed and some teachers have been fired.

Schools and the school district are still in the middle of an education reform program.

Some parents and teachers are still upset that the district is not keeping up with its spending plan.

But there are other things that make Huntsville a tough place to teach.

Here are five big problems that have led to the school system being a mess:1.

No teachers in schoolsThe number of teachers in the Huntsville public school system has dropped to its lowest level since the 1970s, according to the city’s school board.

It is the lowest rate in the country, according the U, with only Chicago, Detroit and New York City below it.

Huntsville Public Schools has a student-to-teacher ratio of about 3:1, the lowest in the state.2.

Unpredictable schedulesThe district has no official time schedule, which means that students can arrive at school, leave school and go home.

In some schools, the last day of the school day is different every day.

The district is also working on a new schedule, but some parents and school staff have not heard about it.

The last day teachers were expected to show up is Sunday.3.

Poorly-managed studentsMany of the students in Hunts in need of special education services are not getting the support they need.

Schools are not equipped to handle all of the kids who need help, and many students have not been seen for several weeks.

There are a few exceptions, such as the high school students who have not yet graduated, but those are rare.

Many parents are worried about the students who do not have special needs.4.

A teacher shortageHuntsville Public School Superintendent Paul W. Williams has said that the number of students receiving special education help has fallen from 1,400 to 1,000.

This was a good thing because it allowed him to make some adjustments in the curriculum.

But it also has created a problem for parents.

The school board has not been able to keep pace with the number who need support.

Williams says that the current year has not shown signs of improvement, but he believes that he will be able to fix it.

The district is using a new formula to figure out how to pay for special education support, which he says is a new approach that will work.

But the district’s new formula will have to be revised each year to reflect changes in the population.5.

Poor management of the curriculumThe district had hoped that the new curriculum would be the foundation for students to start learning new topics.

But some students have found that they do not feel like learning at the pace that they used to, according an internal report that was obtained by The Associated Press.

There is a lot of talk about the needs for students with disabilities and what needs to be done to help them achieve their academic goals.

The report shows that in some classrooms, the learning of the basics is being interrupted by a large number of special-needs students who are also learning the material.

It also shows that many students are learning in groups of two or more students.

Some parents are also worried about how the curriculum is being used.

The teachers say that there is no plan for using the curriculum in a classroom setting, which makes it hard to monitor the students.6.

Bad teachersA recent report by the Education Department found that the majority of schools in the district do not meet the standards for high-performing schools.

The department says that teachers and other school personnel are working too hard, which contributes to the problems with the school.

The state’s highest-ranking education official, Richard Ravitch, has criticized the district for failing to provide proper guidance on the curriculum and the way it is being implemented.

He said in a recent speech that schools need to be held accountable to students, parents and the community.

The Huntsville school district has hired the consulting firm Pinnacle Management to conduct an audit of its staffing.

Pinnacle management has not released a timetable for the audit, but it is expected to take several months.