When schools will have female teachers

A school district in Manhattan is planning to hire a female teacher at its school in Broward County, a Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesman confirmed.

The plan is the latest example of a trend that is happening in the United States as the country tries to attract more women to teach in public schools.

The district will hire a full-time female teacher starting next school year.

In the past, there were fewer women than male teachers.

Broward Schools Superintendent John Cianci said the new female teacher will be able to teach more than 10 students.

He said it’s unclear if the district plans to hire more female teachers.

“I can’t say when,” Ciancis said.

“We will be exploring opportunities to increase female participation in our schools.”

The Broward Education Department said in a press release that the district would seek to hire an additional teacher to complement the current one.

The department said the position will be paid at least $65,000 a year and the salary will be determined by the school district’s board of trustees.

The position is expected to begin in June.

The announcement comes on the heels of a major change in the hiring process for female teachers in public school districts.

In September, the Department of Education announced it was expanding its recruitment of female teachers from the private sector.

The hiring of female educators was originally meant to fill openings for lower-paid teachers who are in the same or similar positions in other schools.

But that was changed after public pressure, including from President Donald Trump, who is an outspoken supporter of female-led education.