Primrose High School’s new calendar turns 25

By Julia Stoecker, ABC NewsPublished December 09, 2017, 2:55pmFlorida Central High School is turning 25 years old this week and will celebrate with a new calendar.

The school has chosen to celebrate with “The Celebration,” a calendar featuring a special school year-round event that will celebrate students from all ages.

The celebration, which will be held from Dec. 6 to Dec. 12, will be a unique way to celebrate the school year and celebrate all that is important in the life of the school.

It will include special activities, special meals, special classes, special celebrations and a special program on the school’s television and radio station.

In addition to celebrating the school calendar, the celebration will also highlight students who will be graduating in 2017.

It is one of just three Florida Central High Schools in the nation to honor a school year.

It also is the only one in the country.

This year, the students of Primrose will be the first in a new school year to celebrate on their 25th birthday.

The Celebration will be led by the students themselves, who will celebrate the event on a special day at their school.

The event will include a special presentation from the school board.

Primrose is the first school in Florida to honor the 25th anniversary of the graduation of students and staff members.

In 2017, the school celebrated a year of service to the community with a holiday luncheon for the graduating seniors, including teachers, nurses and staff.

Primres senior football player and football coach, Tim Moore, said that the celebration is an important way for the students and teachers to thank their families and friends who are making this year possible.

“We’re very proud of this school year, it’s been a big year for us, but it’s also been a very special year for the staff, it has been a great year for our kids, it means a lot to the staff and for our families,” Moore said.

Primre is a public high school in the Polk County town of Guilford, which was established in 1959.

The school was named for the school of the same name and was originally located in Guilfords former industrial zone.

The community of Guelford is home to some of the largest public schools in the state and has a population of over 1.8 million.