‘I was just trying to teach my daughter’: Teacher ‘taught’ pupil how to do CPR after student died

A teacher who “taught” a pupil how “to” do CPR and resuscitate a drowning student has been found not guilty.

Key points:The court heard Dr Paul Gildersleeve’s wife said she was shocked by his actionsBut her statement to police was never read to the juryKey points :Gilderslee’s wife, Marie, said she had no idea her husband had trained her husband to do his jobDr Gildersele told police he was trying to rescue a girl who had been swept away in a floodwater ditch and he was unable to get his hands on her.

The couple was visiting a family in their home town of Riverview, Florida when he found her unconscious and struggling in the water.

He managed to grab hold of her and he tried to revive her, but she died.

Gilderle said he “tried to do everything I could” to save her life.

But Marie Gildering said she “had no idea what was going on”.

She said her husband was trying “to save his daughter from drowning”.

“I just told him to get the hell out of there, he had no choice, he couldnt do anything,” she said.

Gulfstream Valley High School District issued a statement saying the district “continues to be shocked and saddened by this tragedy”.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the family, friends, community and all of the people affected by this tragic event.”

Gildslee is now serving a 30-month prison sentence.

He was also ordered to pay $500 to his wife and $150 to his mother.