How to teach your children to be good parents

When it comes to teaching kids to be nice, parents often need to do two things: teach them to be respectful of other people and to respect their own opinions.

I am a parent of two kids, and my daughter’s friends have been telling me that they feel unsafe around me.

One of the kids was bullied by a classmate who made fun of his hair.

Another kid said his mother was constantly talking to him about the school and telling him to take care of himself.

One of the boys told me that his dad said he would be the first to apologize for the way he was treating his daughter.

And the other boy said he was worried about his own safety, because the other kids at school are really rude to him and his friends.

I’m trying to teach them that it’s OK to have opinions and that being a good parent is about showing kindness and respect to your kids.

When it comes down to it, I think it’s pretty clear that children should be able to express their own viewpoints and have the right to choose how to treat each other.

But the parents who teach kids this need to know that their opinions matter.

I know I do.

When my daughter asked me how I would be doing as a teacher if I was a parent, I said I would want her to respect her own opinions and take care to be polite.

She agreed.

Now that she’s in kindergarten, my daughter loves being around me and appreciates me for how I treat her.

But I also want her, for example, to learn how to respect other people.

It’s easy to see how one parent can make a statement, but it’s much harder to imagine how another parent might.

My daughter doesn’t see me as the bad parent.

I just want her in a good school environment.

The key to teaching a respectful attitude is to make it clear that the parents have a right to speak and to express themselves.

For example, if I want to tell my daughter I love her, she might say, “No, Mom, I don’t love you.”

But if I say, I love you, I might say: “Mom, I just love you because I’m proud of you and because you have good taste.

I hope that you will always have good things to say about yourself.”

If I want my daughter to understand why I don