‘GOD IS A MESS’: Parents of boy killed in crash speak of God as they mourn his death

Posted October 15, 2018 14:10:33Parents of a seven-year-old boy killed when a car crashed into the side of a house in New Brunswick, Canada, are grieving his death as a “messed-up mess” with no obvious explanation.

Roughly 300 people, most of them from New Brunswick’s south, gathered in the community of Old MacDonald Road to honour the child who died during a “sabbath” school lesson.

“The whole of New Brunswick is a mess right now,” said Michael Bournou, who had just returned from a trip to Canada.

“He was just a little boy, and God is a messed-up, messed-out mess, so I’m just hoping that he’s going to be ok, and that the rest of us will be ok.”

Police say the boy, who is black, was hit by a white Chevrolet truck while riding his bicycle near the school on Monday evening.

A second vehicle collided with a parked vehicle and the driver of the first vehicle was arrested.

The driver of a third vehicle was also arrested.

Police said the third vehicle has been impounded.

The second vehicle’s license plate is now registered to the child’s father, but the driver is unknown.

In a Facebook post, the Bournows said they were “blessed” that “the police were on scene” and “wonderful people are helping to make sure this never happens again”.

“We have a small, fragile little boy who loved life and had a big heart,” the family wrote.

“He was blessed with a big smile and a bright future.”

Police have not released a motive.