‘Game of Thrones’ to debut on ‘The Late Late Show’ on Dec. 15, HBO, CBS, FOX, NBC, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu – EW

The CW has confirmed that its upcoming adaptation of Game of Thrones will premiere on the late-night comedy show The Late Late Night on Dec 15, which will be available on the following platforms: The CW, Hulu, Amazon Prime, NBC Now, Apple TV, Roku, Apple Home, Google Home, Sony Playstation Vue, Apple Television, Apple XBox, Roku Ultra, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation Vue and Sony PlayStation 3.

The show will premiere the following night, on CBS at 8 p.m.


The show is written by Bryan Cogman, and will feature the voices of Kevin McKidd (The Walking Dead), Richard Madden (Gotham), David Mazouz (Parks and Recreation), David Koechner (American Dad), and John Barrowman (The Simpsons).

Game of Throne is based on the book by George R.R. Martin.

It will be directed by David Goyer, who previously helmed the feature film adaptation of HBO’s The Sopranos.

The new season of Game Of Thrones will also air on the Syfy channel.