Buffalo Public Schools cancels summer classes

Buffalo Public School students are being asked to take summer classes in order to accommodate a power outage.Buffalo Public Schools students are required to take an eight-hour shift in order for their school district to accommodate power outages and other power outage related emergencies.The school district sent out a statement […]

How to get the best job in medical school

How to apply to a medical school and get the most money at the top?That’s one of the big questions being asked by a growing number of candidates.And it’s an important question for many medical school programs across the country.As of March 30, there were 1,749 programs that accepted applications […]

Best business schools in the world

A new survey of top business schools has found that only one in four has the best business students.Key points:The survey by Higher Ed Magazine found only 1 in 10 top business school students was a first-year studentThe survey was conducted by HIGO Education in partnership with the National Business […]

What to expect in the coming months

As a result of the Trump administration’s budget plan, state funding for K-12 schools will be slashed by $6 billion, according to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).This is the same $6.5 billion cut that the White House has sought to institute in 2018.The budget also proposes cuts to the […]

How to get back to school this fall in New York State

Posted September 23, 2018 11:33:48After nearly two years of declining enrollment, a new study shows that New York state’s public schools are on track to return to their pre-recession levels this fall.According to the report, which was released by the New York Public Library, which serves a large portion of […]