Texas schools in ‘chaos’ as teacher shortage worsens

Texas schools have been struggling to find enough teachers to meet the demand for instruction.

The latest numbers from the Texas Education Agency show that there are more than 50,000 vacancies in elementary and secondary education.

That number has been increasing since the end of 2017.

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The most recent figures show that in fiscal year 2017, there were only 21,818 positions for which teachers were certified and the agency says there are nearly 2.5 million positions unfilled.

Texas schools Superintendent Tony Bennett said he believes the district needs to do more.

He said that with a shortage of teachers and teachers training in areas such as teaching technology, he thinks the district should focus on creating an environment where people have the skills they need to succeed in the classroom.

“You’ve got to have people in that school who are trained and equipped to do that job, and you have to have those people in the classrooms who are prepared to teach and that you have that capacity to teach,” Bennett said.

He also believes the state needs to make sure teachers can be replaced, which is why he is seeking help from the state’s superintendent of education.

“We are trying to make this a good, solid, safe environment for students to learn and succeed,” Bennett told reporters after the news conference.

The state Department of Education is also working with Texas teachers unions to find a solution to the state teacher shortage.

A spokesman for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education said the department will be meeting with teachers in the next few weeks to determine what needs to be done.

If the union can come to an agreement with the district to ensure that the district can hire the teachers they need, it would make it easier for the state to create jobs in Texas, said spokesman Dave Jones.

He noted that some teachers are leaving the state in droves because of the teacher shortage and some schools are closing because of it.