A teacher is suing her employer for alleged racism after a racist Facebook comment from her supervisor, who had previously told her that “black people werent good enough.”

Texas is the sixth state to file a lawsuit against a school district over a racist post that was published by an administrator and was shared on the school’s Facebook page.

The district says the post was written by a teacher and was posted by her supervisor who had earlier told her, “Black people arent good.”

The post has since been removed.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Austin by Karen C. Kowalik, who is black and worked at the school district in Pine Bluff, Texas, for three years before she was fired last month.

She said the district discriminated against her because she is a Latina, the first person she spoke to when she was terminated.

The district’s attorney, Jennifer M. Cogan, told the Austin American-Statesman the district has received complaints about the comment, which was written in June 2016, since then.

The comments were written by the school resource officer, or RSO, who was a member of the school board, and she was the only person who wrote it, Kowanik said.

The district fired the RSO for cause in May, she said.

Kowanak’s lawsuit alleges the comment was not made on a private Facebook account but was shared by another RSO on Facebook and then circulated by the district.

Kowalak claims that in May 2016, the school made an effort to address the post by removing it from the school website, but the administrator continued to share it on Facebook.

She said she was informed that her supervisor had been “discouraged” from doing that and had posted it on social media.

Kamp, who also works as a nurse, said she received death threats.

She was fired from her job and is seeking punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

The school district is also fighting a complaint filed by another teacher who claims she was subjected to racial slurs in front of her children and in a classroom.

The RSO is no longer a member on the Pine Bluffs school board and no further disciplinary action has been taken against her, the district said.

In a statement, the Pinebluffs Independent School District said it takes allegations of discrimination seriously and would investigate and cooperate fully with any allegations of wrongdoing.